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The Queen's Seat ~ Mentoring Method

Create Your Oracle Card Deck or Signature Method

** Special 4-Week Sacred Container Offer from the Heart**

Let's get started!

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The Temple of Creativity Group Calls

Collective Feminine Wisdom is the Gift and the Giver. The Temple of Creativity is the Sacred Container where our Temple Calls will take place.

These weekly calls is where High Priestess Queen, Shama Besley will channel and transmit the expertise and guidance that will activate the collective energy to create, organize, and progress quickly through the process of creating your deck Signature Method.

Temple Q & A Feedback Calls

The Feedback Group container is where you will share your progress, ask for feedback on your projects, and have a Queenly rountable to brainstorm possibilities.

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1 x 1 Coaching Calls

1 x 45 minute alignment session each week to keep you on track with the creation and timing of your deck or system. These sessions help you dissolve resistance, get your energy refocused, and get relevant guidance that is specific to your deck. These sessions are invaluable to help you flow with the ebbs and flows of the process.

What's Not Included

A Guarantee. While I would be DELIGHTED to Guarantee your completion within this time - the truth is there are steps for each project that may take more time than others, and some steps may be easier or more difficult for certain archetypes based upon natural talents and skills.

Excited to see you in the Queendom xxoo



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